I had the pleasure to work with Paul Byck on several cases that I had. He kept me informed every step of the way, returned phone calls which is rare with some lawyers. He listened to me and what I wanted and needed and if the need should ever arise again I would not hesitate to call him again. I also referred my friends to him and they also share my opinion of Mr. Byck!!

Paula H.

Had the pleasure of Mr. Paul Byck being my attorney for an injury I sustained at work. He was the best lawyer for me to have. He was honest, loyal and trustworthy. He kept me informed on every little detail of my case and was knowledgeable on the law. I would recommend Paul for anyone looking for an injury lawyer. Thanks Paul!!!

Sonji D.

Paul Byck is someone you can trust - always ready to talk if you need to reach him - all I can say he did right by me, and I would use no other!! Went to protect me from a large corporation - and that corporation ended this suit with a buyout - thank you

Linda T.

I want to take the time and say thank you so much for the past two years and a half. You’re a very professional person and a man of your word. You care about your clients and take very good Pride in what you do. This case wasn’t easy at all but you insured me that you was going to do your best and your best was great. Thank you so much Paul I really appreciate all that you have done for me. My best wishes to you.

Anecka B.

When I was seriously injured last year we hired Paul to handle our case. He was extremely knowledgeable, professional and responsive. And he was compassionate and caring. He answered our questions, returned our calls promptly and kept us informed every step of the way. We felt like we were a team, working toward the same goal. He was sensitive to our situation. I highly recommend Paul. He was a pleasure to work with.

Phyllis M.

Paul was my attorney for a difficult legal issue. He is extremely patient, listens carefully to the client, and reaches the best solution possible. Don't worry if you have questions--he returns all calls promptly. I was so impressed with his representation and personal attention to my case that I retained his firm for another case. He is highly recommended.

Carol D.

Paul was wonderful !! I was fighting against one of the largest companies around. Paul made me feel more relaxed and assured. Everything happened just as he said it would. Paul is a fighter and he is a champion !

Nina W.

These past years have completely altered my life. I can't think of these years without deep gratitude for your clear headed counseling throughout the process. Your humanity and professionalism kept me going during even the worst of the transition. Thank you again for everything you have done for me. You are in my thoughts today.

Anne D.

Paul helped my family and I (throughout my) case. He answered countless phone calls, e-mails, and questions for us. He was never too busy for us and always treated us as friends, not clients. I still consider Paul a friend and would highly recommend him to anyone. My family and I could never thank Paul enough for what he did for us.

Patrick E.

Love the fact my attorney got a hold of me more often than I tried to call them.

Jeremy O.

I was so pleased with the service the first time, I actually retained the firm for another case. The care and handling of the case was exceptional … I could always call him whenever I had a question and all messages were promptly returned … they kept me informed of important dates and made sure that I understood all procedures … I have referred several clients who were just as impressed with the professionalism of the firm.

Carole D.

On a scale of 1 to 10, my experience was an 11 as a client. But I was never made to feel like a client. I was treated as a friend and that rating is a 20 … Paul can be reached easily through e-mail or phone. When I had to leave a message, I would be called back within the hour.

Pat E.

I would recommend (them) to anybody.

Octavio S.

I would like to thank Paul Byck and his Associates for all they have done for me in the past.

Gregory M.

Wow! Where do I start … I can't thank you enough for your outstanding professional services that were rendered.  It's changed my life dramatically. I would definitely recommend Mr. Byck. Thank you!

Donnie S.

Paul Byck has really been a great help to me and my family. This man is very professional and outstanding in the work that he performs. I have recommended him to several of my family members and friends and they truly say the same about him. Paul from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for everything that you have done and I will continue to refer you new clients.

Lorraine H.

Our personal experience with Paul Byck as our attorney has been excellent! He gets to know you as a client and works hard to reach the desired resolution that you wish to obtain. Paul will not lead you astray regarding what a reasonable resolution to your case should be. He will go above and beyond your expectations to resolve your case. He is not only extremely knowledgeable about the law, he also knows how to establish rapport with other defending attorneys regarding your case. Paul is an attorney who will keep you informed of all aspects of your case for the duration. He will not take your case and disappear until time to resolve your case. He is personable and accessible throughout. Paul Byck was not just an attorney to us, he became a friend. He is an excellent attorney.

Joe B.

I had the pleasure of hiring Paul Byck for my workman's compensation case. During my time with Paul, he always demonstrated tremendous expertise with regard to legal research on my case. Paul had initiative and helped me with any issues that I had. Paul was extremely reliable and always showed me follow through on the issues that I brought to his attention. When working with Paul, I found him to always have compelling arguments that were valuable to my case. Paul was very supportive and his guidance went well beyond what I expected. I can not remember one instance where Paul was not reachable. When calling and leaving a message, his response was immediate. I will strongly encourage any friends/family or acquaintances in need of an attorney to hire Paul Byck. Anyone working with him will be extremely satisfied. I was very pleased with Paul's efforts, guidance and result in my personal case. I cannot thank you enough for your hard work & diligence in my case!

Sergio T.

If you are looking for a Workman's Compensation attorney that is knowledgeable, hard working, honest, successful, and has the patience of a saint, look no further than Mr. Paul Byck of Kreiter, Byck, and Associates. I strongly recommend him to anyone who has injured himself while working. I injured my back while teaching tennis which was my profession for over 30 years. My case was extremely unusual. I ultimately received a lump sum settlement and a MSA (Medicare Set Aside account due to my age when I got hurt). Paul was always willing to talk with me, calm me down, call me back, etc. Do yourself a favor and put yourself in the extremely capable hands of Mr. Paul Byck!

David E.

I was looking for a lawyer for my moms workers comp case and came across someone online. I called him and he actually referred me to Paul. My mom and I met with Paul and he was knowledgeable, friendly and empathetic, so we hired him that same day. Paul asked us for all the contact information and started working on her case right away. Anytime I had a question or my mom received a letter or phone call from the insurance company I would email him and he was always timely and friendly with his response. Paul was great to work with and ended up getting my mom a settlement that she did not expect. I am eternally grateful for what he did for my mom and would definitely recommend Paul to anyone needing a lawyer for a worker's compensation case.

Lucy M.

I'm very happy that I was able to be connected to Paul and I'll be forever grateful with how much he helped me. From the first phone call I had with him, he was very knowledgeable and assuring. He answered every question I had and I never felt “pressured,” to hire him. He was easy to talk to. I always felt like “family.” He was very compassionate, understanding, prompt and efficient. I highly recommend his services!!!

Nancy T.

Extremely compassionate, trustworthy and knowledgeable law firm. This is a rare quality in the field of law. I HIGHLY recommend attorney Byck and have referred many friends and relatives.

Eunice C.R.