Sample of Cases

Every case has its unique circumstances that affect the likelihood of victory and the size of the award. Below is a small sample of KBA's success. As in all cases, KBA attorneys worked closely with our clients to collect valuable information. This kind of attorney-client collaboration makes each case stronger and the attorney more effective.

Some Case Recoveries

$6.12 million* Failing to timely deliver baby leads to birth injury.
$750,000 Failure to design machine with adequate guard.
$1 million Elderly woman fails to get proper tests after suffering a fall at home.
$950,000 Fall in hospital due to lack of supervision.
$450,000** Ladder accident results in back injury. Additional future medical.
$200,000 Auto accident resulting in neck surgery.
$480,000 Visitor is run over by tractor in warehouse causing fractures to legs.
$250,000** Man sustains arm injury at work.
Undisclosed Heart surgery results in death.
$175,000 Failure to diagnose tumor leads to arm surgery.
$450,000 Failure to follow hospital protocol leads to stroke.
$506,000* Truck disconnects brakes on trailer resulting in an accident.
$275,000** Woman with various ailments caused by repetitive work activities.
$170,000 Failure to recognize and treat injury sustained during surgery.
Undisclosed Lack of coordinated medical care leads to child's death.
$625,000 Failure to give breast examinations; failure to prescribe medication.
$294,000** Various injuries restrict woman from returning to same job.
$200,000 Child breaks leg due to accident in an uncontrolled intersection.
$174,500** Arm injury results in significant limitations.
$100,000 Car accident results in fractured hip. Full policy limits obtained.
$95,000 Woman aggravates back while exiting car.
$153,000** Back surgeries lead to restricted work.
$162,000** Carpal tunnel leads to job change.
$345,000 Disabled woman suffers head trauma when wheelchair falls.
$394,900** Foot injury causes knee injury from walking with a limp, disables factory worker.
$100,000 Car accident results in shoulder surgery. Full policy limits and under-insurance limits obtained.
$130,000** Epicondylitis injury limits tennis instructor from teaching tennis.
$100,000 Full policy limit, following hand surgery and knee injury.
$253,000** Scaffold collapses causing multiple injuries.
$100,000 Full policy limit following motorcycle accident.
$95,000** Nurse suffers neck injury.
$240,000** Employee suffers injury resulting in neck surgery.
$200,000** Construction worker injures foot, moves out of state.
$127,000 Driver suffers fatal injuries. Full policy limits obtained.
$165,000** Minor foot injury aggravates preexisting condition.
$95,000** Neck injury results in corpectomy procedure.
$100,000 Man falls off truck, injures hand and back.
$117,500** Factory worker suffers injuries to neck and arms.
$249,000** Foot injury results in back injury from walking with a limp.
$160,000** Shoulder injury without surgery limits activities.
$450,000** After forcing payment for College Credits, Foot injury case settles.
$339,500**/* Neck and Shoulder injuries limit activities.
$300,000** Failed back surgery results in open medical.
$100,000 Full limits recovered from Uninsured Policy for foot fracture.
$396,000** Low wage worker needs future medical considerations.
$200,000** Right hand injury for production worker.
$125,00** Back injury.
$253,400** New back injury after previous case settled.
$262,000** Plus a total lien waiver in 3rd party case.
$182,000** Low wage earner with back injury.
$103,700** Arm injury with full duty release.
$339,700**/* Plus total lien waiver in 3rd party case.
$136,500** Over $45,000 more than initial offer, plus open medical.
$232,000** Reduced wages after neck injury.
$100,000** Neck injury.
$156,000** Various injuries to assembly line worker.
$130,000** Elderly janitor with neck injury.
$225,000** Back surgery.
$287,000** Out of state worker in truck accident.
$150,000** Elderly man suffers knee injury.
$125,000** Foot injury case settles after retirement.
$175,000** Young worker suffers foot injury refuses surgery.
$150,000** Aggravation of pre-existing back condition.
$100,000 Policy limits for motorcycle crash. No surgeries.
$110,000 Slip and fall results in shoulder injury.
$140,000** Injuries to arm and knee. No surgeries.
$220,000** Knee injury after falling at work.
$80,000 Passenger on motorcycle suffers scarring.
$405,000** Neck injury. Additional future medical.
$350,000** Back injury. Open medical.
$202,000** Back injury. Additional future medical.
$275,000** Athlete suffers back injury. Additional future medical.
$450,000** Back injury. Open medical.
$467,000** Back injury includes future medical.
$405,000** Neck injury. Additional future medical.
$190,000** Back injury without surgery.
$100,000 Policy limits for minor with foot injury.
$200,000** Surgeries with permanent restrictions.
$1 million Woman injures foot and leg when run over by vehicle.
$455,000**/* In addition to separate significant recovery against responsible party for slip and fall on job site.
$235,000** Back injury without surgery, but with permanent restrictions.
$160,000** Knee injury suffered by grocer.
$70,000 Car accident results in pain to multiple body parts.
$124,000** School employee suffers back injuries.
$200,000** Arm injury results in permanent restrictions and job change.
$110,000 Shoulder surgery with full duty release.
$110,000 Transportation worker suffers injuries to lower extremity.
$205,000** Back injury negotiated open medical.
$300,000** Disputed and unwitnessed accident at work resulting in death of claimant.
$200,000** Eye injury. Additional future medical allocation.
$486,000** Settled after trial resulted in award of significant penalties. Arm injury develops into CRPS.
$200,000** Neck surgery results in temporary loss of voice. Additional future medical allocation.
$120,000** Foot injury to low wage earner.
$139,000** Coworker accidentally runs into claimant with a motorcycle.
$280,000**/* Slip and fall results in multiple trauma.
$70,000 Wrist fracture treated without surgery.
$125,000** Elderly man with knee injury gets open medical
$147,000** Neck injury from repetitive carrying
$275,000** Permanent restrictions following hip and leg injuries
$101,700** Nurse suffers neck injury
$175,000** Foot injury develops into disputed case of CRPS
$159,000** Back injury with return to restricted work
$124,200** Arm and hand injuries of assembly line worker
$123,000** Leg and foot injuries
$120,000** Trip and fall results in shoulder injury
$499,450** Back injury includes future medical
$330,000** Multiple injuries from several accidents, includes future medical allocation
$242,000** Hip and groin injuries, includes future medical
$125,000** Foot injury with a separate future medical allocation
$125,000** Truck driver injures degenerative shoulder
$200,000** Trip in shower resulted in shoulder injury. Separate future medical allocation
$329,000** Thumb injury results in shoulder condition from performing physical therapy
$30,000 Soft tissue injuries to various body parts
$275,000** Shoulder injury results in permanent restrictions
$131,800** Trip and fall results in multiple injuries. Includes future medical allocation
$117,000** Missed a step on stairs did not result in fall
$87,000** Full duty after shoulder injury
$175,000** Back injury with permanent restrictions
$164,000** Arm injury with permanent restrictions to elderly worker. Additional future medical allocation
$195,000** Injury to fingers result in permanent restrictions to hand

*guaranteed payout
**workers compensation

(This list is a very small sample of the cases, awards or settlements won by KBA.)

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